I left Babe’s place at 6 this morning after some sweet kisses and I love yous. Upon reaching my unit, feeling unperked to begin the day, I started reading some pages of a book I plan to finish by the end of the week. I went downstairs and cooked some bacon and eggs, boiled water for my coffee, and reheated the crusty bread I bought last night. I then took a wooden stool and sat in front of the window.

I lingered in front of it while standing up every once in a while to check if my eggs are burning. The view from my floor in the morning is as bad as the view during the night is beautiful. I saw construction workers for both SM Development and Empire East doing their daily stretching and roll calls; they’re like ants representing all the primary colors in the spectrum. Eventually, in two years’ time or less, the view in front my condo will be bleaker than it is now, the two condominium complexes blocking the view of Laguna Lake and Pasig.

Then I began my day after washing the dishes.

I am not the whining type, though I used to be one before. I do not anymore complain much about my life generally because I think I am doing quite well. I got jobs, I do graduate school, my family is fine, I have somebody who inspires me and gives me reason to be happy almost all the time, I am healthy, young and able. I think I would turn out to be very arrogant and an ingrate if I still, despite all these, feel incomplete and lonely.

But this day gives me many reasons to complain about:

My broker whose first line whenever she visits my unit is “….sisingilin kita niyan.” This morning she saw the other door of the cupboard removed after I detached it last night because of several loose screws. She blithely asked me, “Oh, ano’ng nangyari dyan? Sisingilin kita niyan.” I had to keep myself from pushing her off my window so she’ll contribute a little excitement to the lives of bored people waiting for their buses in front my building.

The slow and packed-to-the-brim MRT coaches and discourteous commuters. The sadder part is that I got no other option because this is the fastest mode of transport going around the metro. I had a conversation once with a friend who has never ridden the train and told me that Filipinos lack respect for the fellows; this for him is the reason why this country is, to the word of some tactless foreigners, God-forsaken. I felt like inviting that friend of mine for a train ride on a rush hour so he’ll find more reasons to strengthen his claim.

People who just stand in the middle like driftwood when riding the escalator. I think we’re missing the point of having an escalator. It is not there to fling people up the floor above or down the floor below, the stairs can certainly do that. It is to expedite the whole exercise of going up or down. If they’re not in a hurry then the stairs are for them, not the escalator, or they can at least shove themselves to the side. Somebody should educate them on the proper use of an escalator.

The perpetual horn-blowing of bus drivers. This is beyond my comprehension. The poor man on the street must be that blind not to see a bus approaching. This city is becoming more unbearable each day because of all the noises we pollute it with. The government should set a quota on the number of honking a driver can do. One blow is already way beyond the limit.

It’s only a matter of doing, or not doing, simple things, that can do a lot in changing the quality of life in this city, say for an instance, not complaining.


3 thoughts on “Litany”

  1. There are just so many things in the country to complain about…. the traffic, rude and discourteous drivers, mosquitos, flies, lack of parking space, garbage on the street…. if the country can solve this, life in the country would be a lot more pleasant.

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