5:34 a.m. Banaue, Ifugao

First thing I did when I arrived here was to find a place. I found a simple house on top of a cliff that calls itself Banaue Museum that charges 500 pesos a night. Not bad. Then secured a whole-day tour for 750. Cheap. A breakfast now overlooking the poblacion for 100. Peanuts. The peace and quiet this trip is giving me. Worth a fortune.

A view from my breakfast table

The bus trip from Baguio took me more than 8 hours. The bus seats were uncomfortable, the ventilation bad, and it was a wrong decision to use the route from Baguio because it doubled the distance. Had I taken a bus in a terminal on Espana in Sampaloc, it would have only taken me 9 hours from Manila. The route I followed took 15 hours. But other than this, I got nothing to complain about. This trip is turning out to be a very good decision. I got no plans yet for today and tomorrow, probably just let things take their course. I might do a trek today and reflect and write the whole day tomorrow.

My tour guide told me that there’s a cultural presentation tonight, something that I look forward to with great anticipation.

I have a craving for dog meat.


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