A little bit

I love weekends because I can bum as much as I want. On these two days, after the crazy weekdays, I can sleep a little bit longer, linger a little bit when eating my food, and walk with insouciance and a little bit slower gaits.  I am still to make up my mind what to do for the rest of the day. Gym will definitely be one of them and probably go to Ultra to swim after. Then read a book which I had not really gotten the chance to read the previous week because of my, well, schedule.

I remember in March, just when the school year was about to come to a close, I excitedly looked forward to my summer because I shall be resting and vacationing the whole time, but it seems to me now that this summer is giving me just a little bit of a room to breathe, a slightly freer feeling than the previous two sems did, which allowed me 5 hours of sleep on average every day.

The first thing I did right after I woke up at 9 o’clock today was to feed my pet fish, Hachiko. From that point on I was stricken with the deadly vice of sloth. I went back to my bed, stared at the lachrymose view outside, and listened to the diaphanous rhythm of the sound emanating from my airconditioner. Minutes later, I began to panic when I realized it’s already 10:26 and I still had not left my bed.

I checked my emails and was happy to learn that I already got a teaching load at the Ateneo next semester. I went to UPD CRS to preenlist my subjects in grad school but the system is not yet allowing students to do this. I already got accepted at the Asian Center and will begin with my master’s in Asian Studies (Southeast Asia) this semester. This incoming semester is going to be another killer, as lethal if not more lethal (somebody told me this is an absolute adjective, hence does not admit intensifiers) than the previous.

Excited because of the beautiful turn of events, I ran to the bathroom, quickly took a very cold bath, readied my gym bag, went downstairs to catch a bus, and here I am now sipping my cappuccino and enjoying my honey glazed doughnuts before hitting the treadmill.

Despite the very little room left to enjoy these small pleasures, somehow, managing to still do makes this day a little bit…


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