This night I lost my bed

I arrived in my room at 10 this evening and found that my bed is missing. My heartless broker removed my old bed without replacing it as she promised me. So while I am typing this post, I am on the floor, thinking how miserable life is, trying my best to contain the resentment I feel for her.

I sent her several messages earlier this evening asking her to show me the Meralco bills where she based the approximately 4000 pesos I pay for electric bill every month. 4000 pesos, that’s how much I spend for electricity alone living in a very small room that has in it a less-than-a-horsepower air-con, a small lamp, and a laptop. This shoebox of a room which I only get to occupy from 11 in the evening until six the following morning costs a fortune, an amount that scandalizes anyone who knows that I am an impecunious working student.

But I do not want to feel contempt, sulk, and think that I am the most pitiful twenty-something in the world this evening. Instead I shall sleep my soundest sleep on the floor tonight and be thankful for the beautiful view outside, the cool air coming from my overworked air-con, and the beautiful song playing.

I am tired, and to feed on this bad feeling about my situation and contempt for that woman is a luxury I can hardly afford.


14 thoughts on “This night I lost my bed”

  1. you know where to find me when you need someone to talk to. Unit 204, and you know where to find that. cheer up, my amigo!

  2. ano ba yan ang lupet ng landlady mo. please move out! and report her to the police. 4,000 pesos a month for electricity is too much! she’s overcharging you. and she doesn’t respect privacy. she can’t just go inside your room and get your bed. ang bastos naman. you gotta have some friends in the media who will expose this so that she will return the overcharge of electricity bill. john, the living conditions in manila are really inhumane. you have to be earning more than 80 thousand a month to be able to afford a decent apartment with a good surrounding, healthy food, and less stressful environment. please move to chiang mai, kahit na six months lang. with your skills, you can get a job anywhere and you will be more happy. or move to kuala lumpur. just get out of your apartment. quezon city, diliman, is better. please, for chrissake!

    1. i might decide to do that soon, nikos. been trying to finish what i have started here. i’ve been so notorious for not finishing anything i have begun before. i want some change this time. when i am done and over with all these things, i shall go.

    1. marvin, it’s been a while since you passed by in this part of the blogosphere…

  3. is this the same broker who’s had a knack for ruining your weekends? you’re right, just CHERISH the experience and be where you are. this is just one of those rare defining moments that make everything else more special! 🙂

    1. it must be a different broker, kimee.

      these people are hell bent to extract as much cash as they can from their cash-strapped, barely-able-to-make-ends-meet tenants. and their cruelty, i discovered of recent, is beyond compare. but yeah, i am not giving up any time soon… she’ll see. already talked to a friend’s lawyer.

      may ara pa bwas. 😉

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