On lovers’ quarrel

It’s petty, draining, and like a game of wait-and-see it leads nowhere.

In most cases, I simply surrender and take the blame because I hate arguing. It’s I who do the wooing most of the time, regardless of the cause of the LQ (this acronym has an eerie feel of the 90s) as nobody really wins in an argument; each is left with scarred ego, bruised feeling, and hatefulness.

I always saw myself committing all the errors, doing the dumbest of mistakes, and not being sensitive enough to know what you feel. Minsan, kapag naiinis o nagtatampo ka, I would feel helpless and confused, ‘ano ba ang ginawa ko?’. How will I be able to know when you would just ignore me the whole day and treat me like some useless rug? Yes, I love you so much, and I would want nothing but to make you feel that you’re the most special person in my life; no, I am not asking you to do anything that I would have wanted you to do because when I decided to love you, it came with an understanding that I am to love everything about you. Everything. And again I am not expecting that you do the same. I am willing to become that person you want me to become, I am willing to change, but please, at least give me some time, and give me some idea on how to do it. I may slacken at times, but please be a little patient. I’ll be that ideal man soon.

I’m sorry.


9 thoughts on “On lovers’ quarrel”

  1. You are lucky to be with your special someone, and arguing on petty things is wasting time. I miss mine. Whew. hehe 🙂

  2. Your girlfriend hasn’t realized yet she’s got a jewel in you. Dang ! I wish i coul;d find someone who would love me this way . Does your girlfriend know how you love her so much? Oh, man. I’m having goosebumps. (^o^)

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