Remembering a rainy afternoon

It’s raining hard outside, it has been so since this morning when we woke up. We took a bus together, but then I got off alone in front my place, ran upstairs to leave the external hard drive, then caught a quick breakfast at McDonald’s on Boni. I rested a bit, watched some reruns of a fairly neurotic reality TV program on cable, took a hurried bath, then hopped on a jeepney to the center of Mandaluyong. I got rained on looking for the office of that company that specializes in wedding pictures. After almost 30 minutes of waiting for all the files to be transferred, I braved the rain that showed no sign of abetting.

Soaked with rainwater, I reached my place, took a bath again to avoid getting sick (I am not really sure if there is a correlation between taking a bath after having been rained on and not getting sick) and prepared my stuff for gym. I did routines for my shoulders as having broad shoulders will compensate for the undefined abdominals that’s giving me a hard time these days. I guess the good-ol’-days of eating to my heart’s content without accumulating a millimeter of adipose tissues in my mid-section are nearing end. After all these, I’m off to work.

So here I am, staring outside on a rainy Wednesday afternoon thinking about how my day has gone so far. This, I think, is one of those forgettable afternoons that would simply pass me by, but instead of letting it go like all the other afternoons similar to it, I am documenting it to make it less forgettable than the rest.


13 thoughts on “Remembering a rainy afternoon”

  1. good thing that you made a blog about an ordinary rainy afternoon, now it was made unforgettable..
    I have always loved the rain and now that rainy season is back again..I could feel the same feeling of comfort especially when I sleep with my comfortable bed..
    It feels as if there’s no work for tommorow and I rather stay on bed..

    nice one..

  2. awww, i love the rain from time to time. although, too much makes you gloomy and lazy LOL..^_~ i agree with the eating to my heart’s content without accumulating a millimeter of adipose tissues in my mid-section part; ugh, it just sucks having to worry about my weight now that I’m older and everything…;__;

    1. i didn’t mean to, renxkyoko.

      your profile name sounds like an anime character.

    1. it rained the whole day. yeah, ’twas good. the metro seemed less dirty after.

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