I have been reading blogs of people my age, that is, those between 20-29, some by my really good friends, but most by strangers; some, those who have not been weaned from their consuming naivete, wrote posts celebrating this point of their lives as if it is a to-be-concluded-soon fête when nothing is definite except its indefiniteness; some, those who think that things have got to be taken seriously, took it too seriously, exhausting themselves along the way while still referring to this choice they have made logical, intelligent, an exercise in scheming prioritization, and themselves individuals worthy to be described mature; and some, those who do not think this point is worth reflecting upon, live a life enslaved, chasing the wind.

Should I go back to this moment one day when I have already accumulated experience enough to allow me to see things in hindsight, I would say that I had a great 20s, lived it like how I deem it appropriately lived. Interesting how the word ‘great’ can by itself capture and summarize succinctly a decade of an uphill climb, insecurity, small victories, epic failures, love lost and gained and so much more.

I plan to drop one of my MA subjects, the one on Asian Regionalism, because I found out very late that my hands are beyond full. Finishing it till the end of the semester means a lackluster performance in class or a tombstone six feet above my horizontally positioned body. I cannot afford both. After careful contemplation, I think that giving up on a battle (especially if it is not a major one, only a skirmish parading as war) does not make me less of a soldier. As a matter of fact, it allows me to strategize better my position in the fronts of more important wars I wage. So off I go to UP this time to sign my first ever dropping slip in grad school, but will have to check first if the dropping period has not yet lapsed. If it has, I guess I am left with no choice but to arm myself and accomplish all the requirements of the course; if I am right in time, then I’ll thank high heavens for giving me this chance to rest a bit and focus more on my supposed non-negotiables.


4 thoughts on “Dropped”

  1. ahay,, so are you deleting this blog tooooooo????

    kmusta ka abyan?

    upod ka panyaga sa amon sang highschool friend ko, na si Hiyas? skulmate ta man sya sa Miagao.

    Wel have lunch @ everything at steak (?) sat aft. will u be available?

    1. why will i delete this blog? hahaha. of course not.

      i am doing great, prince. i had a restful sleep last night!

      i cannot, i got work on saturday. soon. august?

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