On being 27

To you whom I can only address in the second person:

You have repeatedly told me that turning 27 bothers you the least, that it runs short of being extraordinary, that 27 is nothing but an unimposing figure, a fact of non-import that does not require you to stop for a moment and bring you to a stupor of introspection. Although I did not completely believe you, was a bit unconvinced, I sensed you were sincere, and so I just stared at your face nodding, gave you a slight kiss, and said ‘good night, babe’. Now that that day is close, tomorrow to be exact, I’d like to dedicate this post in my hardly-updated blog to you who have been the cause of my happiness these past days, weeks, and months.

I would never attempt to assume that I know you more than anyone, what is a six-and-a-half-month of being together, anyway? But allow me, in my most humble of ways, write a little about someone who is quite unknown to me, but whom I am desperately trying to know and make sense of: you.

We talked about this the other night, how writing for you is thinking first then scribbling your ideas down on a piece of paper or typing them on your computer, while for the less methodical me, allowing the act of writing on a piece of paper or my computer shape my actual thoughts. You love planning, I thrive in spontaneity. Your place is as organized as mine is chaotic. But other than these, we seem to agree on almost anything but one more thing: the right amount of sugar in our coffee.  (You have finally mastered my timpla, and this I think is very sweet.)

I was joking with you the last time how our age difference would have now widened to two years and how this will lead into something as scary as what the restless youth of the 90s referred to as generation gap. But I was kidding of course. I am so lucky to find in you somebody who can comprehend even the subtlest of my nuances, who knows exactly how to make me laugh, who knows how to appreciate what I do without having to say it, who’s of my age.

What does being 27 entail?

To you, nothing it seems. I saw in you how you have maintained that crucial balance of everything by not letting your work and all the stresses that go with it pin you down, make you bitter, or curse the world. That maturity does not mean murdering that little kid in you.

You’re that little oasis of happiness I look forward to being in at the end of every long working day. I look up to you, and I’d like you to know that I want to look at life the same way you do now when I reach this age.

Thank you for so many things, babe. Happy birthday.

11 thoughts on “On being 27”

    1. i’d like to be in my 27th this time so i can have a justification for my being stuck in a puddle right now. it’s sad.

  1. such powerful and inspiring words… indeed out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh…

    to you whom Ryan calls “babe” Happy Birthday! I hope you’ll take good care of him. Seldom can you find such wonderful person as him. ^_^

    1. you’re welcome as always. yes of course! why would I not drop by? hehehe it’s the least that keeps me posted about you… though I prefer not to comment on some ^_^

      not done with master’s, tired going to and fro Bacolod-Iloilo. But will be studying in Japan and I’m currently waiting for my placement… will be leaving, hopefully, early October this year.

    2. yahoo! ayos na. congratulations. i’ll look for mine soon. i know, the trip could be very harrowing. and thanks for dropping by. this blog is very seldom updated these days.

    3. well maybe because someone’s keeping you busy already haha.. well, you’ve gone into a lot of places and achieved a lot already. at your age, opportunities are still waiting for you to venture into… you’ll just have to choose which one is best for you.. ^_^

  2. To you whom I want to call ‘babe’ because my best friend does anyway…

    Happy 27th birthday!!!
    We may not have met yet but I know how good person you are because John has never been this happy before. He has finally filled the ‘void’ inside of him.
    You bring him hope and happiness and love and joy that he would always tell me about when we meet.
    Amidst my contradictions, he’d just keep mum because there is nothing to debate on about; and besides he knows you really make him the happiest (I don’t know exactly how but thanks).
    Thank you for taking good care of my best friend, babe.
    John may not always text or call or communicate with us (Me and Victoria) through FB because of YOU (rolls eyes–joke lang), but we understand (rolls eyes once more) — we’ve always wanted him to be happy.
    Happy birthday, babe!

    I am Prince.

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