To you who was not ‘informed’

It was a rainy morning when you found yourself at the corner of two normally busy streets. Thinking it was your lucky day because of the unusual absence of heavy traffic, save for a body of water that separated you from the other side of the street, unsuspectingly, you maneuvered your car and crossed the divide that separated you and the other end of the street. And lo! Your car, like a flimsy paper boat, got carried by the raging flood which for you at first appeared nothing but an over-sized puddle, or at least a more forgiving flood. Floods, you realized, although very late, are never forgiving. So you had to have yourself subjected to such shame, thin little boys pushing your car to the salvation afforded by dry concrete.

A nearby team of an overeager TV reporter and his crew ran to you and asked you some perfunctory questions. Thinking rudeness will save you face, you responded to his every question with as much ire you could muster, forgetting that you were being taped by his equally overeager cameraman.

The following evening, you saw yourself on TV, not looking very intelligent, shouting “I was not informed!”. The next morning, portion of that newscast was uploaded on Youtube by some unscrupulous netizen. An hour after the upload, the whole world mercilessly called you names from something as riling as ‘stupid,’ ‘in want of simple commonsense,’ to something as inane as ‘in dire need of bra’. Your friends came to your rescue, giving you encouraging words, supporting you, retorting sarcastically that all of a sudden ‘everyone is informed‘.

From this writer’s point of view, you and your friends are missing the point. It is not your supposed stupidity (or not being informed) that led to the lambasting of your person on Youtube by anonymous individuals. People who have viewed your videos would have, in most cases, felt more pity than derision, would have even ignored that senseless video had you not unleashed your crassness on TV. It’s plain and simple. You were base.

And shouting ‘I was not informed’ in a city as pitiless as Manila, that you were not told it was a raging flood rather than an innocent-looking, little ephemeral stream you thought it was, is, in my humblest of opinions, rather juvenile.


10 thoughts on “To you who was not ‘informed’”

  1. bottomless pit yea, i want give philosophy something like this but didnt acquire time, may i repost this To you who was not ‘informed’ « Going to counterbalance the current says:
  2. I know, right? Everyone is making such a big deal about it, especially the guy. If they (GMA, the media, etc) had not made such a big deal about it, by next week, people would have forgotten about it already. But no…they talk about it in the news every day since they aired it!

  3. Hahaha…you know what’s more annoying? The fact that GMA news asked the public during 24-Oras to please stop bullying him and “huwag yurakan ang kanyang pagkatao!” Can you believe that? The media, who, by the way, aired the story, is now pleading with the public to stop making fun of him. Unbelievable. Next think you know, PNoy is gonna release a Presidential statement to ask the public to stop picking on him as well. Yes, let us all say we are proud of him…despite his stupidity and rudeness. Geez!

    1. hahaha, not at all proud of him. it was a random event. let’s think of it like it was nothing, in three day’s time this will be forgotten and he can go back to his normal life unscathed.

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