On course

I am elevating multi-tasking to unprecedented heights: being in the middle of class, checking papers, blogging, and daydreaming, all these I am doing almost simultaneously. There is something about doing many things at the same time that pushes me to be better than myself. The more I spend time resting, the duller I become, the less perceptive my senses are, and the more sluggish I process the stimuli around me. Hiatuses are overrated. And I guess I am back, for good. I hope this time I will be able to post more regularly like before. I have already settled most matters that kept me from writing, hurdled the towering fences, and circumvented some imagined dangers. I am on course now.


4 thoughts on “On course”

  1. Good ! I’ve got another good reading in my list !

    Ah ! I’m like you. I multitask . And somehow, we get everything done in one day. And it’s so satisfying, isn’t it?

    Cheers !

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