A note

On our mirror I wrote this four days ago: “I am so happy and lucky for having you in my life, babe.” And this line pretty much captures what I have felt since the time I met you until now and I am sure I’ll continue feeling in the days to come. We have been lovers for eight months now; it was not an easy eight months, it was not perfect, but I am sure it was the most beautiful.

So many things remind me of how beautiful life can go, and waking up next you is one of them. Today, before I ran to the bathroom this morning, I whispered a simple prayer, thanking God for giving us to each other, asking Him to keep it this way, and thanking Him again for giving you that cute snore that breaks to me gently the coming of a beautiful and sunny Monday morning.

Happy 8th month. I love you.


8 thoughts on “A note”

  1. The Chinese has a very popular adage since the last few years starting with the passing of some celebrated actors. It says: “TREASURE always, the one standing right in front of you. Do not take him for granted as life is short. Because you never really know what TOMORROW shall bring.” Right.

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