Because of the metro-wide tranport strike

We woke up at 9 on this Monday morning and lingered in the bed for another 30 minutes before finally deciding that the day won’t be spent toiling for the repressive capitalist enterprise, that we shall support the jeepney and bus drivers who are on strike today. (Also, because we did not want to stretch our luck too much and find ourselves caught under the burning heat of the sun, in the scurrying of other commuters after a bus that’s filled to the roof.)

I made us coffee and we ate the delicious rice cakes that we bought last night outside the church where we heard the 8pm mass. We listened to the radio talk show on Magic 89.9 hosted by the maaarte Ateneo/La Salle grads which I must admit we terribly missed after not hearing them for a long time. But we missed more than anything slow mornings like today.

And I wrote this blog, sent emails to my students, while we talked about anything that we thought interesting, and simply let the day run its steady course.


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