On laughing

I’m in the first semester of my second year in grad school. I do not  know whether this is doing me any good or I am ending up more confused than when I entered. I know that I am going somewhere, I should; I do not know, though, whether this somewhere is a place I want to be in hereupon. At so many points in the classes I am taking this semester  I would catch myself participating in esoteric discussions about topics I am clueless or talking about concerns of very little significance in my life. I even had moments in complete trance where I talked at length in class but had no idea what the words that come out from my mouth meant.

It’s funny.

I guess my then-unrealized sense of humor is now put into very good use these days. When people feel lost, they gather themselves together by laughing out loud at the cruel world before them. I just lost my compass, but I could only laugh at everything.

I am happier nowadays.