6 thoughts on “To you”

  1. A lot of times in life, we learn the value of things through losses. Sometimes, it feels as if the loss is much greater than the existence of life itself. Though it may seem as if the world around us have halted, freezing exactly the moment the loss was experienced, the choice of moving forward is still within our reach.

    Losing loved ones can be excruciatingly painful, and a lot of times blaming ourselves for the loss. We ask ourselves awful lot of , “what if ” questions only to realize the moment to change it had already passed. But is that the end of it all?
    No, my dear friend, it is not the end.

    This life, this journey on earth, definitely has more lesson to offer, making us wise fools at end of it all. So, rise up, put yourself together and start your halted journey once again. Will love you always, my friend.

    1. and lessons are to be learned… definitely not easy.
      but if you decide to move on without changing your ways,
      you’ll surely end the journey just as the same – miserably alone…

    2. thanks vic. i’ll pick up the pieces along the way. but this time, i promise to myself that i’ll be a better man. it’s just sad.

  2. John,

    We all make mistakes in life. We all fall short of our own expectations sometimes. I truly hope your pain would ease in due time.

    1. hi vic, thanks a lot for dropping by and leaving those kind words. it’s hard. i sometimes find myself forcing to go on because as it is, everything seems to have suddenly halted.

      happy new year to you.

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