A night on the roof deck

It was like the last time, we both ended up spending time on the roof deck, only this time we did not swim because the air was too cold, the water even colder. Instead we sat on a quiet corner and talked about how small we were compared to the tall buildings surrounding us, what lives those people in those lighted boxes live, where we’re heading.

Finding peace in the middle of the city, feeling the unusually cool breeze coming from EDSA, sitting next to the person dearest to me were more than what I could ask for that night.


8 thoughts on “A night on the roof deck”

  1. Chi Le oi! Thank you so much!

    We meet people along that way that we shall treasure for the rest of our lives; in my case, you’re one of them. I have found happiness, but you see, it’s not something we can hold on to forever. We’re happy to have held it, still.

    I miss you. I hope to see you again, in the future, and have a taste of a cake you baked.

    Your birthday is close…

  2. John, happy birthday 🙂 It feels like we haven’t talked for ages. Here it is around minus 16, and it is snowing a lot. I remember that December in Germany when we were all longing for a snow. We must have changed quite a bit since that time…

    I wish you a peaceful year ahead, and good health to all your family, especially your sweet mom. Though I’m afraid that we’ll feel lost for so long as we keep thinking about our existence, I hope you’ll find yourself something that makes you always feel that being on earth is a true happiness.

    I was taught how to bake a cake. If you were here, I’ll definitely make you one. Some big, sweet, and beautiful birthday cake 😉

    Again, happy birthday John. Hugs from your very friend Chi Le.

  3. I stopped blogging last year. I found it necessary to shut up for my own sake. hahaha.
    So far, I’m doing fine. Studying kept me busy. Eto, kakatapos lang ng board exams at mamaya na ang results.
    Kumusta na rin ang buhay buhay mo?

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