Minutes from now

Instead of wasting my time waiting for my pdf reader installer (or whatever it’s called) to finish downloading and before I continue writing my paper on the ancient Kingdom of Ayutthaya, I might as well leave some thoughts here.

I’ll be spending the rest of my night later evaluating essays on the history of several ancient Southeast Asian kingdoms, writing about them, drafting a proposal for a paper on modern Vietnam, and reading a sampling of poems I will discuss with my students tomorrow. It’s a bit frustrating sometimes when I feel that I am not and cannot maximize my potentials in doing any of my endeavors because there simply isn’t enough time. I hope there’d more time for sleep, more time to read, more time to be quiet, more time to slow down, more time to do things necessary for a functioning human to live normally, but as is apparent, time is too expensive, too short, to elusive, too fleeting.

I am thankful the download time for this file takes 18 minutes; had it not been for the slow internet connection, I would not have found this time to write here, check my facebook, and forget about the tons of papers I’m going to face minutes from now.

Six minutes to go.

Five minutes… (these dots are calming)

Four minutes… (‘dots’ sounds a lot better than ellipsis).

Three minutes…

Two minutes… (this is starting to get boring).

One minute…





2 thoughts on “Minutes from now”

  1. hahahaha. i teach Lit, and i hope to do research in southeast asia when i’m done with my coursework. hahaha. my complete name!

  2. 18 minutes to download is just right.

    And you teach Southeast Asian history? For some reason, I have this impression you teach Philosophy or Literature.

    Cheers, John Ryan Recabar !

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