On the MRT going home


When do we stop?

Nowadays nothing is too ordinary as to be barred from being a subject of a blog post or a short essay in one’s page. Everyone seeks to have his share of fame, attention, a chance to be read. It doesn’t matter if it’s a popularity that will last only for a moment. To trend. To be like-d. In a sense, to matter. I guess this is what all there is to these phenomena of social networking, blogging, and interconnectedness. All these are rooted to our very human need to matter, our existence be acknowledged, and to belong however flimsy the premises may be.

Have we become better because of all these connections? Maybe. But in what sense?

In the end, everthing, including this post, will be dated, forgotten, and replaced by something, which our fickle sense of what is important deems in most need of our shifting attention.

2 thoughts on “On the MRT going home”

  1. Ah ! I don’t even know why I’m blogging now. I’m losing steam. And I can feel it coz I can’t update my blogsite fast enough. I’d be lucky if I could post 2 a month.

    1. you will get over that, i know. this wordpress application in my phone is very helpful. try writing during your spare time.

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