First day

I woke up this morning seeing a squirrel from my window; the sight of it was dazzling. It was drizzling slightly. The sky overcast. Sleep the other night was shallow and sporadic. The alarm clock near my head sounded off at 3 in the morning; my room’s previous occupant might have forgotten to deactivate it. Then there was that cramps that left me shouting at around four. All in all, sleep was bad.

I am not feeling the inevitable jet lag, though.

The rest of the day will be spent finalizing some of the scheduled activities, orientations, and maybe, getting my student ID. And since days from now will not be as tough as my normal days back in the Philippines were, I shall have enough time to ruminate, like that gray squirrel nestled on the branch of a bald tree outside.

Hopefully, the quiet streets of Worcester will help me go back to writing effortlessly.


7 thoughts on “First day”

    1. i just added your blog to my roll, kims. will be dropping by your blog to say hi every once in a while. see you soon!

    1. kimee! hehehe. i am not really away. i am on a respite from all the drudgery of manila. it’s nice to be in a cold place sometimes. are you keeping a blog? can’t go to the link.

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