On recordings

I was tasked by my professor to record all our lectures and regularly provide him copies of each which I have done without a glitch. We humans, interestingly, can be very candid indeed. We talk with bravado, slyness, sympathy, sarcasm, dismissiveness, and in scores of other possible recognizable tones. Listening to these recordings, I am given ample time to go back to those crucial exchanges that initially sounded smart but upon further scrutiny ended like all emptiness hyped in superfluity.

For one, we should never trust our senses to give us accurate interpretations of external, more so internal, stimuli. One is none the wiser doing this but it does not make him wiser either if he completely dismisses his senses as there has been none so far discovered or invented to replace these senses in doing the current tasks in question.

The recordings have been very telling. Once human beings lose consciousness of their environment or that  they are being listened to, they proceed almost automatically to these all too human activities of rumor mongering, nonsense exchanges, and malice