When the only best thing to do is to shut up

Being in one’s 20s, he is deemed inexperienced, too green, a directionless chatterbox who loves hearing himself talk, etc. by those who already had enough of this stage. Regardless whether there is truth in the opinion of these more experienced group or it’s nothing but plain air is immaterial. What I believe, however, is that what these people with more ‘experience’ do not have is a sort of introspection about who they were and what they did when they were in their 20s. It saddens me how they resort to unfair tactics such as ‘you’re-too-young-to-know-what-you’re-saying,’ ‘been-there-done-that,’ kind of nonsense or some similar kinds of questionable lines of arguing.

If indeed these older generation’s methods worked, then why is the world where it is now? And it’s a very valid question I supposed.