What now?

There seems to be almost always a compelling reason to speak up about anything. As if this irresistible drive to express, whatever it is, is enough to provide a dimwit, who happily calls himself a ‘netizen,’ every conceivable reason to spew rubbish for all to read. Of course, ownership of a smartphone and access to the internet only add to this imagined entitlement.

I have to remind myself that I have a choice to either participate in this sham grand debate or choose the issues I dip my fingers into. Silence has never been this sensible an option. The issues shift too fast, they change even before they trend. As the day ends, we all are left with this biting feeling of emptiness. After having lashed out, our lungs emptied, the void interrogates. What now?


I think, finally, I found a very good reason to come back here and write again (at least writing in this medium). I am beginning to manage my time well this time. The conclusion of my grad school is beckoning, I can almost smell it. Work is heavy, but it has always been, and I do not see any reason for it to go lighter any time soon. I’ve resigned myself to this fact.

Life’s easy, not dull, though. Writing complicates it. In my mind it does.