On the long reverie

I have been asked by not fewer than two people why this blog has not been updated and my Facebook page has remained quiet for a month. The questions in some respects are telling of what people expect from the person inhabiting the space next to them. Nobody seems to remain quiet these days. Noise as manifested by our rants, shares, shout outs, status updates are deemed virtuous almost a moral imperative. For one can only be one with all the rest through his participation in this grand exchange mediated by Twitter or Facebook.

Silence is taken as not having opinions on issues of imports, and worse, remaining silent before a scene of disaster and deaths is a tacit show of one’s apathy. In an extreme case, not talking is the antithesis of a being responsible citizen of this country. The spectacle is taken to the extent of the absurd, the ridiculous, the camp. And Filipinos are more than willing participants. With the popularity of social networking site comes an expectation from everyone to use it as platform for the continuous and gnawing opinion sharing.

It is sickening. People who equate silence as that sinister lack of desire to participate in the epic process of building this nation are not cognizant of the fact that although opinion making is necessary, reflection is also a much needed ingredient in this whole process. I cannot go on waxing irony and condescension in this post about the Filipinos’ loquacity in the midst of a disaster and before their celebration of the mundane when they’ve gone tired of the tragic and the macabre.

Choosing to remain silent is a conscious decision of somebody armed with the understanding that there are many more things silence accomplishes.