Watching plays

Sadly Virgin Labfest is ending today. I watched two sets for two Saturdays; that’s a total of six plays. The plays were definitely worth the almost an hour of queueing for tickets and the long commute from Quezon City all the way to CCP in Manila.

Paying 270 pesos for an escapist Hollywood flick at an SM cinema and be seated next to a really bad audience or paying three hundred for each set and be carried to three different, highly-charged slices of life in a single night is a no brainer comparison. The plays are a runaway winner.

I hope we can have something like the Virgin Labfest all year round.


5 thoughts on “Watching plays”

  1. unfair, yung isang comment ko waiting for moderation tapos itong gusto kong i-confidential publish agad. oops, just to clarify yung comment above is 100% subjective at sariling uneducated opinion ko lang yun.

    1. hahaha. i think it happened because you didn’t use your email the first time. di ka ata narecognize ng wordpress.

  2. di nyo kailangan i-publish tong comment na ‘to para di masyadong ma’starring’ yung pangalan ko sa dissenters bar ninyo:).
    salamat sa desisyon ng youtube na mag-pa post ng full films maraming rare quality films na ngayon available, tulad ng mga ito na bago ko lang napanood

    (in parts pero ung ibang parte nasa related vids bar na rin).
    *trip to kandahar
    *jafar panahi – the white balloon
    *khaneh siah ast/the house is black by forough farrokhzad (21min59sec)
    *au revoir, les enfants by louis malle
    *eyes wide open (israeli drama about two orthodox men who become lovers)

    napanuod nyo na siguro yung iba. pag may nahanap ako uli na may english subs, i-post ko na lang.
    (most sa mga hinahanap ko ngayon nasa lista na ito sa isang pinoy blogger din, ok rin siya pero masyadong wordy, mas tipo ko yung blog mo. di ko rin type ang nasa lahat ng lista na ‘to:)):

  3. ang sabi ng tunay na intellectual. hehe, huwag magalit, tama rin naman, di lang naman hollywood, majority sa mga films nakakabobo.
    wan ko lang kung hollywood yun pero yung grand budapest hotel exception to the rule, sa mga US films of this year. ang dami lang allusions, di ko ma get lahat, kaya half sa nanunuod tumatawa, yung hindi naka-get, hindi.
    any chance na ma-youtube yung mga plays, or a few, na napanuod ninyo? sa isang sponsored canal if necessary para macompensate naman ang theater troupe at yung playwright.

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