On Junjun

I heard him talk once, when I was 19, at UP. He gave a talk on public governance and local legislation. I barely remember what he said. That time he was a young city councilor of Makati. There was nothing impressive about him. I thought he sounded like any other politicians I’ve met before. I must have been very cynical then, perhaps, but I thought he was too young to sound like those politicians I’ve learned to distrust.

Whenever I  see him being interviewed on TV these days, I found Junjun unimpressive and unreliable. Like his father, he appears to regard truth as an amorphous, fleeting, flexible concept, which he and other members of his family could mold to suit their purposes. I gained the impression that he is not deliberately lying (or maybe he is), but he fully had deluded himself into believing his own version of truth. And that is even scarier.

He’s a dangerous man.


4 thoughts on “On Junjun”

  1. My parents have never liked him. The first thing he did as a mayor was to close the road leading to his house. And the fact that all members of his family go into politics is already a sign something is going on. My sister said the daughter was her schoolmate at St. Scholastica’s College, and all the time she was there, the daughter had 2 bodyguards.

    1. It’s a sign of hope that damning evidence against them and people who worked with them before are coming out to expose them.

    1. He’s a son of the country’s vice president. Makati’s current mayor. The whole family, along with his mother (a former mayor) and sister an incumbent senator, is involved in a very big corruption case.

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