Mere words

I am not truly sure whether I was listening when my high school teacher discussed the Theory of Relativity back in high school, but considering that I graduated from a public school in the backwater of this country, my Physics teacher might have thought his students were too unsophisticated to understand the general points of the theory.

This morning a friend sent me a message about what would the scenario be if we had two suns. Would our concept of time change? He asked. I said of course, as gravity affects space-time continuum. I added it’s general information; everyone knows it. Certainly I had no idea what I was talking about. What I remember however is that image of an imaginary line (it must be light) being pulled toward a depression of time caused by a massive body such as a black hole. Outside what my senses can observe, anything that is unobservable and incomprehensible, anything philosophical and abstract, becomes mere words. And that is what I enjoy about Physics and talks concerning it because save vague images, one is left with that pleasant feeling of imagining words.

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