On becoming a fashion blog

Sometimes one is tempted to sink even further than the apparent frivolity that he is swimming in. And when that happens, aside from taking his readers to the recesses of his filthy mind he’ll begin posting articles on fashion using hash tags like #OOTD, #goodlife, #fashionweekphil and similar other tags. The readers are taken in for a nosedive. And there is no salvaging one’s self from drowning. He’ll descend deeper until the pressure crushes his skull and nothing is left but his gray matter strewn all over, floating aimlessly like the rest of his mangled body.

Being asked to collaborate with an online fashion company, for someone who’s blogging, indicates that something has shifted along the way, something got misconstrued. That a blog celebrating one’s vanity must also mean it’s vacuous enough to contain posts on fashion.

Times have changed.


One thought on “On becoming a fashion blog”

  1. shame on those who’d ‘miscontrue’ (what an understatement) your motives for blogging.:). LOL, kung GQ pa siguro no? o dili gihapon siguro. hulata lang mo-tawag ang Financial Times:) dinha pa siguro:).
    Arnon Grunberg (www.arnongrunberg.com) isn’t the first to say that everyone can eventually be bought, some are just pricier than others no?
    drop by lang ko’g dali-dali kay may gamay lang ko nga e-mail nga napadala, kung may time mo mo-tan-aw, pasensya kay ma-o ra dyud na’y online medyo nga kaya nakong gamiton, medyo ”lost” kaayo ko anang ubang pama-agi sama sa FB, etc. all the best ug hopefully maka-agi napud ko dinhi para maka-kuha’g desperately needed brain food nga ubay-ubay. miss na nako ang akong mga fave blogs.

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