Forever young

I have no issues growing old.

I will not close down this blog just because I’ve already crossed that threshold. I will have to look for a better tagline.

Or, I will just keep the line because no matter how many years are added to one’s life he remains that young man in his twenties who dreamt of changing the world (but ends up changed instead by the world and holds on tightly anyway to that remaining sliver of himself that stubbornly stays in that exciting but mostly confusing years of his twenties).

After having abandoned Facebook, I do not have to dread facing the barrage of birthday greetings from people who barely know me.

As one ages, what matter on his birthday are those sincere messages from his family, really close friends, and perhaps a wonderful breakfast after a morning walk under a light drizzle.


3 thoughts on “Forever young”

  1. hi! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! been reading your entries since 2008, I’m not sure if you can still remember, I even asked you questions before re politics 🙂 God bless!

  2. The barrage of birthday greetings from people I barely know on Facebook problem I solved by just removing my birthday from my profile 🙂

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