Nothing shows precisely, efficiently, and succinctly the vulnerabilities and strengths of a political leader more than a public debate.

Binay is deeply entangled in the lies he’s woven in the past. He’s unbelievable. And he doesn’t seem to believe in what he is saying, too.

Miriam is showing signs of senility. She hasn’t placed anything new on the table beyond the usual cynical rhetoric of a politician who’s in public service for way too long. I fear blood will spurt from her eyes anytime soon.

Duterte is cool, street smart-alecky, and composed. I hate to say this, but this man knows how to use television to his advantage very well.

Grace Poe sounds knowledgeable and very calm.

Mar Roxas is burdened by the present admnistration’s inaction. He talks about too many anecdotes and specifics that do not matter to the general viewers. He should have asked for some tips from his broadcaster wife.

This debate has many aspects to improve on, but it is a good start. There is no clear clash of platforms of government. The five running for the post of President end up agreeing with what each has said almost all the time. What this debate shows however is the individual personalities of the candidates. If for anything, the people will be judging TV-mediated character rather than picking the candidate with the best solutions to the country’s problems.


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