Dear Cats,

There are days when I wish you both gone. You’ve given me endless sneezes since yesterday, you scratched me, Mimi, while I so gently clipped your hind claws, you, Tumi always occupy the whole bed and cover it with your fur, you both scream and attempt to manslaughter me every month whenever I give you warm bath. You, Mimi, has achieved that rare expertise of finding my jugular veins and clawing them, always unsuccessfully, but one of these days, once you’re bigger and more experienced, you’ll be successful in the attempt, I’m imagining myself rotting for weeks on the floor of the bathroom surrounded by dried-up blood while you and Tumi escape through the window and use the elevator from the 21st floor to the ground floor, getting your freedom at last. If that happens, Mimi, please take care of fat Tumi. He will not survive outside, unlike you who’s independent and strong.

In spite of all these, I know that what I have for you two boys is the closest I can go to what they call unconditional love.

Your human,



The two kitties trying to escape.


5 thoughts on “Dear Cats,”

  1. Thank you for passing by and for leaving a comment. You have very cute cats. My cats are so different from each other. I hope to understand them more.

  2. The three of us over at the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog enjoyed reading about your escapades with Mimi and Tumi.
    Mr Midnight and Sir Winston are especially fond of Mimi and Tumi and can understand their methods of showing you their attentionand unconditional love.
    Mr Midnight and Sir Winston live in the Black Forest and are often snooping around the garden and in the forest. Thank goodness it is safe for them in our part of the world.
    Meow, purr purr and kind regards.

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