At Makati Med

I miss you, cats.


2 thoughts on “At Makati Med”

  1. just wanting to correct outrageous mistake in last msg sent, cant go there but will do there, used pecunious instead of impecunious, goodness, i’ll stick to simpler words next time:-).
    may i make up with a film tip to make up?
    Check this out on streaming, the creme de la creme in terms of casting, so outregageously and unfairly advantaged, a good story, the director didnt have to do anything but assemble the cast probably and the film just made itself, hehe. ok that’s probably unfair to the director but 75% of the film is simply due to the cast; methinks:-).
    Juste la fin du monde with Nathalie Baye, Léa Seydoux, Vincent Cassel, Gaspard Ulliel, and Marion Cotillard and by Xavier Dolan
    Let’s make that two film tips with the exquisite’Elle’ with Isabelle Huppert by Paul Verhoeven (yes that Paul Verhoeven), but unlike Basic Instinct, this film is definitely more refined and has more psychological layers, thanks to the story and Isabelle Huppert.
    ‘the’ cult song of the first film:-)

  2. lovely picture. the play of light and shade and the patterns on the table and floor (?) complement each other. that’s not a professional comment by a foto critic, just my own superficial impression, for whatever it’s worth:-).
    btw, will be i still be able to reach you at the post address that i used last time?
    am not sure if you’re still checking the e-mail address you’ve provided on the contact page here but will try to reach you there as well. looks like i can’t access the e-mail i used last for not having used it often, will e-mail you from the rather unsecure one that i use more often.
    am slower than a snail when it comes to keeping in touch but would like to do it now that there’s a bit of time available.
    are u still at ateneo?
    Best wishes always. one big fan

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