Kinds of pain

A college friend messaged me on Viber that a former classmate of ours, Grace, passed away due to complications from Stage 4 breast cancer. The news came to me while I was having my tattoo finished. As this was happening, I also received a message that things cannot go on anymore between us because of some unbridgeable differences.

Too many things happening in one afternoon, too many kinds of pain my body and mind are taking in and have to handle at the same time in a span of a few hours.

It was something I was willing to risk everything for, but our differences prove to be too many and irreconcilable. It’s sad. I need to rest for now, hope for the best, and wait.

The wound will heal, and I’m hoping a beautiful image comes out of this. Sunscreen and moisturiser will do. I will not touch the small wounds to avoid irritating them.

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