The universe does not stand upright. When one leaves the surface of our small planet, north, south, east, and west become immaterial. This lack of definition, the randomness, and the relativity of everything are most closely approached by the human mind.

At 26, John feels that he is right in the middle of several crossroads, each path pulling him toward it. But unlike before, when he was a bit younger than he is now, he’s already made many crucial decisions and where he is now is not anymore about making choices but standing by those choices he has made. And so the path goes ahead.

He will not be distracted.

He admits being in academe gives him more leeway, the time, the freedom of thought, and the experience to make him a ‘fulfilled’ twenty-something. But things often do not turn out as he hopes they would. Still he keeps treading.

He thinks he has made up most of his life’s plans. At 26 he is not anymore as lost (although it is a bit presumptuous) as when he was 24 years old. He has almost completed the search for the self, at peace with his  identity, and hopefully thinks that he’s given up asking existentialist questions and has already begun asking more pragmatic questions.

He remains an idealist to the core, though. Yet, more tempered this time.

He still loves like tomorrow will not come, and only loves the one person in his life whom he knows (and prays to God that) he’ll grow old gracefully with.

Still, like any other twenty-somethings, he fears, worries, becomes impatient, distrusts himself, is insecure, feels hate, but being at this point in one’s life is a process. He hopes, trusts, believes, works, and loves more passionately than ever.

This blog is his humble contribution to the celebration of this random-ness, call it slipshod-ness, of a twenty-something’s mind.

The author is currently teaching at the Ateneo De Manila University in the Philippines. 

78 thoughts on “Author”

  1. hi, medyo matagal nang hindi ko nasundan ang inyong blog. i-try kong mag-email, may i-clarify lang, hindi masyadong importante. nasa ateneo na pala kayo. cheers.

  2. hello,
    i’ve been dreaming of you these past few days…. weird!
    i just came across ur blog once, but i me you before.

  3. hello! it’s funny that I got into your blog because I was researching for the word “dinurado rice”.. haha! and what actually really got my attention was what you wrote on that article..there was not much about the dinurado rice.

    I was born in Davao City and now living here in California without any immediate family member except of course my husband and my stepson. We go to Davao every 2 years at Christmas time.

    You seem to be very intellectual if you are a professor at Ateneo de Manila University..If you believe that’s not a bit fulfilled.. just think of the other people your age who don’t have as much of the chance and opportunity to shine like you

    you should not be too hard on yourself..I believe you have a very amazing future ahead of you.. 😉

    Keep on with your writing!


    1. ritz,

      we’re both from mindanao. i’m from south cotabato. hahaha. that article was too cynical and pessimistic because i was cynical and pessimistic when i was a bit younger.

      i am happy that you still are able to maintain contacts with us here; blogging after all has this ability to make the world smaller.

      i am beginning to count my blessings this time, and i think i am a very happy man, and i intend to remain happy as long as i can.

      all the best. thanks for believing in a stranger.

  4. Hi John,

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog through the comment I left you in one of your post. I admire your friendliness. It’s one key for you to succeed in this social media journey. I like how you describe yourself in this page. I smell the humility and the passion to acquire more greatness in you. Keep up the great works!

    1. Hi vic,

      I was not able to see the entire content of your site. the buffering was too slow, or my connection was snailed. this description of myself needs a little updating. my thoughts are fickle. they keep on changing every moment. they’re on constant flux and i cannot cope.

      all the best.

  5. hi John,

    Your articles are thought provoking and skillfully written. Some of the lines there are worth keeping. The conclusions you have made are mature than your age simply out of sky. Could not be able to leave unread. So shall read the entire blog where and when find some time.

    Best wishes and keep writing.

    1. Raziq,

      thanks a lot for not leaving my site without reading a few articles. i hope you find time reading the rest. ‘welcome back’, in the event you decide to read my little contribution to this imagined community.

      all the best to you.

  6. its been a while(a or 2 year)since i visited your blog and it still looks interesting.ilongo ka gali amigo,hehehe.keep it up!!!

    1. have you been here before? that’s interesting. probably i was still a student in hanoi then and this blog was just starting.

    1. i’m right in the middle of it, when mariam feels uneasy because of rasheed’s high expectation that she’s bearing a son. i love the way khaled hosseini tells the story–simple and lean.

  7. vlad, ah yes, i remember. it was snowing and we had to walk to that old castle with our photocopies of that book. how come the site you left here is not recognized? good thing you found my site.

  8. hey johhn. greetings from from Skopje. you’ve already wrote so many articles. i hope you still remember me, i’m that student of law from macedonia. it have been two years. remember how we got stuck in that photocopying machine and the party was already starting in the other side of the schloss?

    great site.

  9. Doug Eng, thanks a lot for dropping by and for the kind words.

    All the best to you and your photography. And writing, of course.

  10. Hi John — just cruising your blog after you left a comment on mine. Interesting how we can connect to different parts of the world just by using the same WordPress theme! I wonder about the significance. Looks like you are just getting started in life, lucky you. Have fun and keep the spirits up. I can tell that you have a bright future ahead.

  11. in connection with the subject of your article, what’s this supposedly long running conflict or competition between Iloilo and Bacolod in terms of practically everything?

  12. hahaha. nothing really much. this is just a small piece of the bigger picture. lantana is near our village. and yeah, it’s cooler there. thanks for being here.

  13. Thanks for dropping by my blog, John Ryan. Lola lives in Lantana, Polomolok, and, when I was younger, I’d spend my summer there: it’s way cooler than Marbel. It’s great to see fellow kababayans making their mark online.

  14. It has been a part of my blogroll a long time ago. Your blog about your thoughts on all the facets of Bangleadesh is also very interesting.

  15. Yoon Sui Yin,

    I’ve been to Malaysia and it is such a beautiful country. Thank you so much for spending time here in my blog. True, both our countries are experiencing challenges, albeit of different sort and magnitude. But what we can do as young people is to make sure that our leaders do what they’re supposed to do and to secure the future of the generations after us.

  16. Your concerns are shared by many, my country too Malaysia is facing many challenges in the political,economical, academical even religious scene. Crime rates are rising in our once safe and peaceful country. Corruption is multiplying at the speed of light. The question we should always ask ourselves when we complain about everyone or everything else is – where does the buck stop? What can I do on my part to curb this insanity and decaying scene? Anyways – god speed in your blog – seek the truth and always be fair and compassionate.

  17. Your concerns are shared by many, my country too Malaysia is facing many challenges in the political,economical, academical even religious scene. Crime rates are rising in our once safe and peaceful country. Corruption is multiplying at the speed of light. The question we should always ask ourselves when we complain about everyone or everything else is – where does the buck stop? What can I do on my part to curb this insanity and decaying scene! Anyways – god speed in your blog – seek the truth and always be fair and compassionate.

  18. joan,

    thank you for reading. that for me is the only form of appreciation i could ask. it matters not whether i caused you rage, joy, indifference.

  19. im a journalist.. haha! and im not used into praising someone because his articles are so out-of-this-world-yet-have-sense kind of thing.. anyway, i like your articles.. keep it up.. haha! it is really true, only writing what is in your mind justifies who you truly are.. Hurah!

  20. Hi mange,

    Hehehe, thanks for finding this blog. I hope you’ll have a great time while browsing the pages. See you around. Happy father’s day to your father too. 😉

  21. Thanks for visiting my blog and for feeling the same concern for our own country and for the world.
    You are also maintaining a nice blog.
    Best wishes!

  22. Nosebleed!!!! hehehehe!!!! you’re so fabolous about those words you use in your blog, as I read your introduction to your blog, I got hemorrhage. Harharhar!!!, just continue writing some sensible topics that awake the whole world, I wish I have the nerve like you to write such kind of profound article….

  23. Hi John, are you still being haunted by the past affair? past is past and bygone is bygone. Why are not productive these days, it is unusual to see that. I wish I am putting pressure on you but anyway life has to go on as long as we are still breathing.

  24. hi there,

    I was born and live in London. I am a practicing artist at Goldsmiths University of London studying History of Art and Fine Art. A current project i am working on is about the diaspora of the filipino and i am working with peoples stories and narratives of experiences on migrancy and transculture.

    As a second generation, i place myself between two cultures and try to translate unrepresentable experiences of others into a universal language using contemporary Art. For the past year i have been working with family research, but would like to broaden the horizon. From all of peoples stories, i create artwork such as painting, photography, text, sound and installation to raise awareness of a such a diverse culture and also such a political issue in regards to labour and migrancy which has been growing in the Philippines over the past 20/25 years.

    If your interested in collaborating with me or anyone sees this and is interested, please contact me!! All i ask is statements/storytelling narratives which tell a unique experience of beyond or within borders, separation from family and so on. Lets make our extremely adaptable culture known out there! All those documented will be referenced and not manipulated or edited in any way.

    my email:

    thanks sincerely :-))

  25. hi!

    I really like the article u wrote about your lola. Hope to see more of ur write ups. Gud luck!

    I grow up in janiuay but after college in 1989 I went to laguna.

  26. thanks a lot for the compliment jude. our country has faced too many difficulties already that giving up on it is absolutely not one of the options.

  27. I was surfing for iloilo and i found one of your entries.

    adding you to my blogroll. . . for the express purpose of infusing more substance into my daily thoughts. hahaha.

    and yes. we have met before online. ^__^

    happy holidays.

  28. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog and making time to write a comment 🙂 It’s nice to know that you like cats too;I currently have 3 cats and 3 kittens.It’s therapeutic having them.:) Anyway, Merry Christmas to you too (I hope it wouldn’t be as sad as you are thinking it would be):-)

  29. thanks a lot, charmie, for those very kind words. hehehe. i’m just trying to learn some more to become a better, what, teacher, hehehe. but seriously I also want to go back to up and teach again.

  30. Hello sir!

    you know that i’m very proud to be one of your students. hehe. i really learned a lot from you and i hope that you go back here in miagao to teach once more. we need someone like you. take care. =) -charmie

  31. hi, ur interesting. just read some parts of ur blog.
    u seem promising…u see, im from iloilo and have
    been away for a while, and it’s nice to read something
    nice written about the place where you are from.
    nice work, good read….

    i was struck by one thing: you got into the working world,
    loved it for a while, and was disillusioned after… i felt the same
    when i started working but i never had the choice to back out
    or do something else truly wanted…well good for you you are
    able to do so, so soar high and hit the mark…

    write some more…kkk

  32. Hi John,

    how are you? I hope you are doing fine. To me, everything is ok.

    I read some articles of your blog tonight and it reminds me the time in Vietnam, the time I spent with you and Le.

    I am thinking about creating a website with pictures and my experience in Vietnam. I will let you know once I put it online.

    Send my regards to Le and her mum and continue to do your work, also enjoy your time in Vietnam. You should, you will miss it once back home, it´s all I can say…

    Warm regards from cold Germany,


  33. Hi John,

    I found your blog 🙂 How are you? How is Hanoi? Sorry I didn t call you guys last days, but I am kinda busy this week, you can t imagine. On the weekend I might have more time for chatting or writting.

    Anyway, I hope you re doing well and Le + Co Doanh do too. Send my regards to all friends and don t forget to add me on Yahoo Messenger 😉

    Warm regards,

    JP, Cologne

  34. im so happy because you’ve reached this far, don’t ever think that you’re inadequate because you have more than enough… and don’t even think that you don’t deserve all these blessings because you worked hard for it… i’ll just be there whenever you need those pieces of parental advice,hehe. just see you in time.

  35. Nah, it’s okay. I appreciate dissent. And you made sense. Lest you forget, we belong to the same generation.

  36. Hey!

    kamusta? how’s vietnam? is this journal a product of the ample time you have in Nam?

    we miss you here!

  37. Comment from the heart…

    >>> excellent

    >>> hurray!!!

    >>> BON!

    >>> going to the next level of writing and learning is what the author (who happens to be my brother) wants to express…

    >>> A work of genius is typically a test of the genius that created it. Genius rejoices in straining against the limits of its own strength THAT’S THE AUTHOR

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