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John Ryan

47 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. hi, John Ryan, nagpadala ko ug link via sa usa e-card kay di pa lang ko e-mail dinhi. lihug lang ayaw i-erase sa imong e-mail inbox. pinakaimportante nga link sa tanan nga akong napadala so far. i hope matan-aw ninyo dayon. all the best. ibbie

  2. vee, thanks for appreciating my posts. hahaha. i’m happy that at least you were able to glean something from my random posts.

    sure, ask whatever you want, so long as the questions have to do with writing.

    with regard to “various matters/issues and help me understand things better”, i’ll try to answer questions pertaining to these concerns, but I can promise that my responses are sound.

    all the best in your studies.

  3. hi john, i just came across your blog…like just now…hahaha…ive only just read 2 of your blogs and i have to say…you really have a way with words, i couldnt stop reading, its like im being sucked into your world, hanga na poh ako sau, as a university freshman (business law major), i cant help but look up to you as a role really like to learn a lot of things from you..ive been trying to improve my vocabulary and writing/oral skills, i hope and pray you are will allow me to ask you some questions on various matters/issues and help me understand things better…thank you and please reply soon…

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  5. Tom, I already read your email. Sure, I’ll take part in your project and will write a post for your April 3rd issue.

    All the best.

  6. John, just checking in to see how your holidays were and hoping you are still wanting to guest post for me. I have you down for April 3rd if you still would like to. Let me know. Thanks.

  7. Xin chao! I do not have definite plans yet to go back to vietnam, but i shall return someday. how are you doing in malaysia?

    1. hindi pa gid ba. indi ko man gid na kilala si peter neri. but sige i will try to do that. see you soon, though wala pa gid ako definite sched for my trip back to iloilo

  8. hi i.b., it’s been a while. that’s a rather funny advice. but it can never be more true. i hope not to grow ‘old’.

  9. hi again :-). about young people not staying in one place, well, that’s just the way young people are, isn’t it :-). as the Corrs aptly said it “it really doesn’t matter if we don’t eat, it really doesn’t matter if we never sleep, ’cause we are so young now, and if tomorrow comes we’d just do it all again”. Enjoy your youth, and hopefully keep it forever, ‘old’ people are so boring ;-).

  10. I took up broad comm and finished in 2007. also taught in upv for a year. but, like all other young people, i can’t seem to stay in one place. hahaha.

    no worries. i’d also want this blog to be more interactive.

  11. i was under him for English 101 (is that how it’s called?, so long ago already am afraid). He’s great. My Humanities was Edward Defensor, also another unforgettable. Was only two years in UPV Iloilo, all i can say, i had the chance to choose among the best instructors/professors.
    i mostly skim thru your blog, are you an English major or something? Did you graduate from UPV?
    Thanks for taking time to reply.

  12. Interestingly, he used to be my professor in my Humanities class in UP. In his class, you’ll have to prove you’re not. He enjoyed calling us idiots, of course you have to prove you are otherwise. He’s one of my most unforgettable teachers.

  13. hi, your blog’s great :-). greetings from w.eur. found it while googling for Leoncio Deriada and got stuck on it :-). Carry on.

  14. Hello Ryan,thanks for visiting my blog, and for the comment, so I prompted to reply you as soon as to create some friendship as a blogger. I like reading your blog, and I was more inspired in improving my blog. see you!!!

  15. Wow!!! I am always fascinated to your blog. Everything is a breaking record article. I am proud that we have the same family name, how I wish I would be as good as you when it comes to writing. I would always be your avid reader. Write something new to us that serve as a wake up call….

  16. Hi Ryan,

    Global Voices Online, the leading media outfit covering the global blogosphere, is launching the Global Voices Book Challenge to commemorate the UNESCO World Book Day this April 23.

    I hope you join the challenge. To participate, you only have to do the following:

    1) Read a book during the next month from a country whose literature you have never read anything of before.
    2) Write a blog post about it during the week of April 23.

    And 3) notify the people at Global Voices about your readings (and the blog post you wrote about it) by leaving a comment at the Global Voices Book Challenge Page.



  17. hey john ryan….

    met you at ____ but forgot your handle…..

    mine is bndrdandat…..


    welcome home….

    still trying to follow your blog….

    just a note though…

    trains don’t travel to bicol anymore……

    i hope you find something about the city to love again….

    it’s hard to live in it if there’s nothing that you like about it……

    good luck….

    hope to hear from you soon…..

  18. thanks fev for including me in the batch! galing di-in mo na ginkuha pic ko man, kadamo gid lang ko pics sa friendster pwo…hehehhehehhe…i suggest islan mo pic ko da….hehehhee…anyway, thanks much fev…hope i can also write something sa blog mo…looking forward…and regards, nang flo

  19. hi ryan. im just here to drop some tips if your interested. sang-una, your google page rank is 5, subong 4 na lang pero ok man na gihapon. if you are not aware, pwede mo iactivate ang google adsense mo to generate revenue. sayang naman ang traffic. medyo budlay lang ni galing kay wordpress ang gamit mo pero pwede mo ni utihan. pwede mo ma-edit ang template where you can put your ads. i mean, you could earn something, aside from the fact that you are rewarded mentally by this blog thing, daw bonus naman na. sang nacheck ko sang una, technorati mo is 9. ambot lang subong, pero sigurado ako nga your blog has a lot of potential to earn money from google. or better yet, bilhin mo na tong domain sa wordpress. in my case, la gid ko time. have a prosperous new year. =)

  20. Hello. It is possible for a slightly early wishes for Christmas Day, which people often work with but maybe this is the Christmas wishes for my first dedicated to you. I hope that not only Christmas is a special day but also every day that passed in the your life is also a memorable day, I wish to give you the best possible health, luck, happiness and love …… your life is always flooded by the overflowing smile. Be sincere cosset important what you have family, relatives and friends again. I wish you have a Merry Christmas season cheerful, warm side of relatives. Merry Merry Christmas.

  21. Kamatari,

    Thanks for reading my entries. As I often do, I would have wanted to send you an email, but since you didn’t leave any email address, allow me to thank you here.

  22. As always John, Im in the same snag which always happens in the wee hours prior to some long-overdue getaway. In my case, Im only hours away from a trip to Batangas for a seminar wherein I also get to grab some real, solid, honest to goodness 8-hr sleep!!
    John, more and more I see that we really need to see each other and talk. The next time you pass by Iloilo, I look forward to seeing you and talking to you.
    P.S. John, favor please 🙂 : delete this comment after reading it, and please delete too my first comment to you. This is for both of us only.

    Hunter of gazhals and sestinas, I remain


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