Now, I’m back

I’m back here earlier than I anticipated. I’m still at home taking advantage of whatever little bandwidth my broadband device can detect to aid me sending important emails, post my articles here, and chat with friends. Interesting how we have allowed our lives to depend so much on this small black device we attach to our computers to connect us, albeit too slowly, to the rest of the world. The paradox of our bloated perception of ourselves and how small it truly is: a 1” X 3” shiny, black plastic.

2010 started well; I could not ask for something better with more oomph and zing.

Great blogging year ahead. A great year ahead.


I will not be able to write a post until the 8th of January. I’ll be home with my family.

Happy New Year everyone.

Somebody said that it is a waste of time to wait for something better, to expect more, to look forward to a more wonderful years ahead. But I think that as long as we do not stop hoping, nothing is wasted, nothing is in vain.