On being a model

I do not want readers of this blog to think that I was shanghaied into believing that I can be a model because I clearly know that I am not model-material. However, grant me some benefit of the doubt. This story is for real.

I just finished working out and was on my way home. I usually walk from my gym which is located in a condominium several blocks from the place I am staying on Boni. I was crossing the corner of a street when a Lexus SUV pulled over in front of me. The driver, smiling, excused himself and ask if I have tried modeling before and if I have some sort of a portfolio. I was incredulous and did a mental picture of myself that time — I was wearing a pair of diminutive gym shorts, cotton shirt, and was sweating all over. Assured that I did not look like a prostitute, I smiled back at him and said no. He was with a small boy, his son probably. I thought, any man who’s smart enough (save decent) wouldn’t pick up a prostitute with his son in the car at 6 in the evening in one of Mandaluyong’s busiest streets.

He asked if I wanted to model for a big department store. “This man got to be kidding me!” I said to myself. And serious he was. He gave me his business card (ring card, he called it) and got my number. Then I said I had to be going as I still had tons to read for that semiotics presentation I would be delivering in class the following day.

Me modeling? Come on!

Perfidious thoughts. Yuck.

Is back in the game

After my two classes this afternoon that ended at 3:30, I left quickly for home when rain caught up on me as I was about to get on a jeep going to Katipunan LRT Station. I remembered there was a small, white umbrella in my backpack but I decided against using it. Either it was because of my vanity (the umbrella has these lacy frills) or the inconvenience pulling it from the bottom of my big cream-colored North Face bag.

I reached Mandaluyong shivering and drenched in cold rainwater.

I feared getting sick as surely no one is going to take care of me like my mother did when I was still under her care. Sleeping it off was definitely out of the option. So despite the raging thunder that caused some car alarms in the basement of the condominium to go off, I went to the gym and worked out for an hour and fifteen minutes. After, feeling a little perked up by the heavy lifting, I swam 20 laps until I felt nothing but numbness in my shoulders and chests.

I breathed heavily and, at times, was gasping for air. I have gone for too long, I realized, without any form of work out except walking from Shaw MRT station to Libertad in days when I am suffering from stinginess attacks. But it seemed that after those intense physical activities, the sky looked clearer and the air fresher (the complex is approximately 9.5 spits from the notorious EDSA).

Soaked in chlorinated, month-old water, I went back to our unit happy to discover that the stray wifi signal was back. And I hope this time the fickle signal stays for good.