The crowd is evil

Television has lost its appeal on me a long time ago simply because I dread seeing people being led to a brainless existence and enjoying this existence. I stopped attending Mass because I cannot stand overhearing mundane conversations around me while the host is being raised by the priest. I feel suffocated inside a night club not with cigarette smoke but with people who make pretence of happiness, their laughter signifying vacuity.

Being a part of the crowd is immoral, it is a complete abnegation of one’s identity in favor of the faceless and perverse crowd. This same lack of morality, its refusal to understand individual morality makes the very composition of the crowd depraved. It tranquilizes an individual making him believe that he is safe in its company, that an individual can do whatever he wants because his presence and his action is negligible and immaterial vis-à-vis the size and operations of the crowd.

I wonder why some individuals continue to hold on to their individuality when the entire exercise of setting himself apart from the rest is tiring at best and futile at worst. Modern society is tricking us to believe that it values individuality but when we look closer and peer deeper into the subtleties, it wants nothing from us but to conform to all its whims.

The crowd is slowly killing the individual.