7 reasons I am not voting for Manny Villar

From now, it’s less than three weeks before the elections in the Philippines. According to the nation-wide survey conducted by the Social Weather Station released in mid-February of this year, Villar trails Aquino by 7 percentage points. But I will not delve on this; this post will be for the 5 per cent who, until this time, remains undecided. Five per cent of the roughly 45 million voters is 2.25 million voters, and these people who are yet to decide whom to vote for in May may decide the outcome of the election, granting the present administration will not do any dirty tactics that will result in failure of elections.

Villar will not get my vote.

1. His candidacy is reeking with anomalies.


2. His ads on TV are just obscenely many. I almost stopped watching Philippine TV shows because wherever I go, ABS-CBN2 or GMA7, I see nothing during commercial breaks but faces of those kids singing a song that sounded like worshipping Villar.

3. His vice-presidential running-mate, Loren Legarda, is the most irritating TV personality to date since Mystica.

Her thirst for power seeps through her nose, ears, pores, and eyes every time she is interviewed on TV. Moreover, I hate how she phrases her sentences and how it shouts indecision.

4. Villar lied about his brother’s death because his family did not have the money to give the boy proper medical attention. He lied about his family’s real financial status; they’re not the dirt poor he’s been telling us they were, middle-class by all respect, Winnie Monsod said.


5. His steely composure reminds me of Donald Trump. That man is scary, so is Villar.

6. He has not responded to any the accusations of corruption hurled at him. His dry response by saying these are merely politically motivated is as dry and boring as his personality. But seriously, if he brushes all these accusations as if they are products of imagination now that he is still a candidate, imagine how he’ll react to cases of corruption when he’s already sitting in the highest seat of the land.

7. His Botox makeover is hideous. His dyed crown is horrible. Too ascetic, too black.


Just a moment without Manny


There is no denying that Manny Pacquiao is the best fighter in the world. His name permanently etched in the history of boxing and sports in general as the only man who has captured the boxing belts in seven weight divisions. A feat doubted by, of all, the Filipinos themselves. But for most Filipinos, he’s the only hope that a Filipino can be the best in the world, to tower above everyone else, if he puts his sweat, blood, and soul on whatever he does.

When everything has settled, the euphoria quieted, I ask: When will they stop sending me a deluge of images of Manny Pacquiao? When can I have my normal night minus Manny singing La Bamba, Manny eating sinigang and bihon before his fight, Manny being the biggest little man in the world, Manny talking to Manny Villar on the phone, Manny playing poker, Manny kissing Jinkee, Arnel Pineda defending his rendition of the Philippine national anthem during Manny’s fight, Aling Dionisia’s prayer while Manny was exchanging punches with Clottey, Manny endorsing colored water, Manny talking about having less hairfall and avoiding dandruff, Manny using deodorant ‘apter ebri bat’, Manny sponsoring a Mass, Manny riding Air Pacquiao, Manny returning to Los Angeles with his 130-strong contingent, Manny imitating Fernando Poe Jr.’s movie punches, Manny?

When? I hope it’s going to be soon.


2009 Presidential Candidates

From 99, which was eventually narrowed further down to 20, and now the official presidential candidates: eight people who can afford to wage a full campaign to get the highest seat in the land.


I’ll cast my vote this time

I am a registered voter in Barangay Calansanan Badiangan, Iloilo. I registered with my grandmother in 2004, traversing streams and rice paddies and riding a tricycle swarmed by young elementary school students just to reach the municipal hall located on the other side of a mountain. Although I am a registered voter, I never voted in any single election since I turned 18. Some crooks might have already used my name to vote for some corrupt politicians who can afford to pay, as is always the case in Philippine elections.


This barangay, located several kilometers from the nearest high way, is blocked by ephemeral streams from roads that would have connected it to other barangays for trading and other commercial endeavors, so until this time civilization is still at bay wondering when it will be allowed access. The place exists in a dream-like painting by Amorsolo minus the smiling lasses and able lads basking in a golden afternoon sun because the place is poverty incarnate. And the smiling lasses and able lads are either forced to leave and find a living in the city to send back money or they endlessly manufacture, so long as their hormones allow them, smiling lasses and able lads like them and hoping that these replicates of themselves go to the city and send back money someday.

For if somebody in the field of anthropology wanting to conduct a research using hermeneutics to live in a place where cycle of poverty mindlessly cycles or a biology major finding evidences to support the theory of spontaneous generation, as in this place babies miraculously sprout from any available space like mushrooms after a shower and thunderstorm, then the place is perfect.

I was asked by my lola to register in that place because my uncle, her son, was running during that time for municipal councilor. I agreed. He won without my vote because I chose to volunteer then for a radio station to cover the election in a district of Iloilo City.

I was not able to vote in the succeeding election as well. That time my grandmother’s son found himself at the bottom of the list. By the third time, he failed to occupy a position. The last time I heard he was wallowing in memories of his failed career as a politician but was contemplating to do a grand political comeback in 2010.

I read in the news this morning about the forum organized by the businessmen of Makati that invited aspirants for the presidency in 2010. In the forum, the presidential wannabes we’re asked to give a presentation of their platform of government. It must have been a riveting gathering of five men and a woman. Both Noli de Castro and Manuel Villar declined. Ping Lacson (for reason that he has already given up his bid) refused the invitation.


Gilberto Teodoro is an untested yet imperious, cocky is a better adjective, guy from the Armed Forces who has deluded himself that he can win the election despite him standing in the shadow of Arroyo’s corrupt administration and his name that spontaneously appeared from a virtual anonymity. This, of course, is with the help of his wife whose take on being ambitious can only be described by the word overkill


Loren Legarda, a broadcaster turned senator tuned griping vice presidential loser has said nothing concrete in her entire life and who has mastered the use of politicalese to a high level of efficiency that nobody understands her anymore, not even she. “The absence of an integrated, unified, and coherent road map is the culprit for the snail-paced Philippine economic and security development. We need to fuse national economic growth with national security in the development of an integrated plan.” By integrated plan she means…

Dick Gordon

Richard Gordon needs to seriously consider changing his nickname, Dick. He is an idealist who speaks in sweeping and stirring declamatory style. I first heard him speak when I was fourteen, and I was awed, but after several times of listening to him my eardrums started to show signs of exhaustion. He delivers his speeches like a televangelist, which explains why he was the most applauded during the forum. He’s a cross between Bro. Edddie Villanueva and your favorite Amway sales representative. (I am considering voting for him, though.)

Manny Villar

Manuel Villar is hounded by scandals of corruption even before he has held office. His paid interview with Boy Abunda that could have cost him millions is too long to be effective and too dragging to be entertaining.


Noli de Castro has not proved anything during his short stint as senator and his accomplishments as vice president are forgettable. He lacks enough political experience to run a country that is as complex as most complicated definition of the word complex is.


Manuel Roxas lacks charisma which explains his strongly advertised engagement with news anchor Korina Sanches, a case of basking in the newsreader’s masa appeal. He inspires in me an image of a henpecked husband once his union with Korina is officially consummated. Any of Mar Roxas’s accomplishments was obliterated by his Padyak ad; he should think of means to undo the damages the ad has caused in the viewing public’s psyche.


Francis Escudero may have exuded confidence and youth, somebody who can usher new politics in the country, but based on his recent media interviews on his platform of government, this man is all but empty rhetoric and vacuous monotone.

Bayani Fernando

Bayani Fernando is a man who never strived to be popular in exchange by and give up the hard changes he viewed necessary. Manila may not be as organized or as livable as say Singapore (kidding) or as any Southeast Asian megalopolis but as chairman of MMDA he has made major strides to lessen the traffic jams and to make the people abide by the rules. Still so much is needed to be done. But Fernando is a no non-sense guy who walks the talk. (I’m also considering him.)

Joseph Estrada

Former President Joseph Estrada. We cannot allow this country to be run by a thief, again.

The election in 2010 is as crucial as any other elections in the past. I do not agree that this is more important that the previous ones. This will simply give us a chance to change the way our country is governed that for the next six years. If we botch this one, it means another six years of again waiting in vain. That, I believe, is something we cannot afford.

A single vote, that is my vote, will hardly matter, but I am willing to tread several streams again, with my lola if she is still alive by then, to cast my vote this time.