Portrait of the author

I’ve always wanted to have a charcoal portrait of me which shall be placed on top of the glass cover of my coffin. I think it is dignified but not bromidic. My recollection of a dead person’s portrait is always that of studio shot of him in his graduation toga. Proper but commonplace.

Unable to go out because of the unbearably blistering temperature outside, I spent the entire afternoon digging old pictures in my laptop and experimenting with them using some software I hardly use or didn’t know I have. Below is originally a nude photo of me. But since it is not going to be a good idea posting it as is here, and it is obvious nobody is going to be interested seeing something a porn site can better provide, I thought this one is tame enough for the general readership of this blog.

This is my attempt to have the charcoal-ish effect worthy of being seen on top of my coffin someday.