Nghe An, Vietnam


IMG_8852 Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

IMG_7160 Mumbai

india 37 Jaipur, India

DSC_0044 Harvard University

  Worcester, Massachusetts

Banaue, Ifugao

Sta. Cruz, Manila

General Santos City

dsc00027 Chinatown, Manila

john3 Outside a friend’s house in Hanoi

friendster Hanoi Opera House


Room in College

One of the author’s sleepless nights in college. This photo was taken inside his room where most of his thoughts began to take shape in his mind. Some were written down on paper and saw publication, but most remained inside waiting to see light someday, that is, when the author already thinks he is mature enough to stand by his words and his principles already in tuned with the spontaneity of the concepts being churned inside his mind. Below are documentations of places he has been to but never truly appreciated much less conquered. He dreams of someday finding a place where he can finally be at ease with himself. A place that he can call his own. For now he is wandering, trying to find his place under the sun (as the cliche goes [which is also starting to become a cliche]).


Singapore Singapore

Dusseldorf, Germany Dusseldorf, Germany

Rhine River Rhine River, Germany

Cologne, Germany Cologne, Germany

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Petronas Tower, KL Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Putra Jaya, Malaysia Putra Jaya, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia Penang, Malaysia

Terangganu, Malaysia Terangganu, Malaysia

Hanoi, Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam

Leverkusen, Germany Leverkusen, Germany

Salzburg, Austria

Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum

18 thoughts on “Travels”

  1. I find it interesting that you consider Hanoi, Germany, and Austria are sad places. Having been to Viet Nam and Germany, I was continually surprised how the people of both countries have left the past behind them and look only to the future and to the betterment of their respective homelands.

    Of course, there is a sadness to the landscape, the scene of so much destruction and death. Perhaps those vibes will remain for a long time.

  2. ako man sa sulod! i’ll be going to those places together with my family, including YOU YOU YOU! hehehehe =)

  3. hey John, that is not Penang I think it is Malacca. I may be wrong but I am pretty sure I have not seen this in Penang in my 30 over years of stay in Penang.

  4. Our perception of sadness often is on a constant flux, so are other emotions. Probably when I said they are sad places, I was only referring to my feelings on that exact day.

    1. Can’t help but join this exchange of thoughts, especially when i’m right in the middle of finishing a required article with a deadline 5 hours away. Yet it’s such a joy to see fev maturing :-), and to witness how far he’s gone. Yes, in some ways those places are SAD because you could see in them how far we as filipinos could have gone and can still go, but it seems that we never really see who we are until we are from our own land. Each country has its sad history, and development comes from how we make of ourselves out of that sadness. Greatness comes from being drowned once in sadness and see yourself afloat amidst that and then gracefully grow out of it as a better entity. Most (if not all) of the so-called developed countries did exactly that. I hope that all of you may someday see the vastness of the world and then realize that by being uprooted from your land makes you see how special it is to be a Filipino. One thing that allows you to go further from your comfort zone is the zeal that you’ll be willing to give back to others what has been given to you. All the best to you all! 🙂

    2. may g.

      thanks for those kind words. by calling me fev, you seem to know me from sometime in the past.

      but very true sentiments. it’s only when we detach ourselves from the comfort of our soil do we get to know ourselves better.

      but for some filipinos, this detachment is not voluntary, they were forcibly uprooted by their circumstance, poverty, the need to provide for their families. and this makes our experience different, unique, our own. and so how we view sadness also changes.

  5. just wondering why you commented that VNam, Germany and Austria are sad places…

    is it because of what they have gone through?

    well, of course, i’m sure that there is another angle to look at at those places where beauty can be appreciated in its glory. much like here in our sad, misbegotten country – nonetheless, one can see beauty in its raw splendour!

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