On becoming a fashion blog

Sometimes one is tempted to sink even further than the apparent frivolity that he is swimming in. And when that happens, aside from taking his readers to the recesses of his filthy mind he’ll begin posting articles on fashion using hash tags like #OOTD, #goodlife, #fashionweekphil and similar other tags. The readers are taken in for a nosedive. And there is no salvaging one’s self from drowning. He’ll descend deeper until the pressure crushes his skull and nothing is left but his gray matter strewn all over, floating aimlessly like the rest of his mangled body.

Being asked to collaborate with an online fashion company, for someone who’s blogging, indicates that something has shifted along the way, something got misconstrued. That a blog celebrating one’s vanity must also mean it’s vacuous enough to contain posts on fashion.

Times have changed.

Mere words

I am not truly sure whether I was listening when my high school teacher discussed the Theory of Relativity back in high school, but considering that I graduated from a public school in the backwater of this country, my Physics teacher might have thought his students were too unsophisticated to understand the general points of the theory.

This morning a friend sent me a message about what would the scenario be if we had two suns. Would our concept of time change? He asked. I said of course, as gravity affects space-time continuum. I added it’s general information; everyone knows it. Certainly I had no idea what I was talking about. What I remember however is that image of an imaginary line (it must be light) being pulled toward a depression of time caused by a massive body such as a black hole. Outside what my senses can observe, anything that is unobservable and incomprehensible, anything philosophical and abstract, becomes mere words. And that is what I enjoy about Physics and talks concerning it because save vague images, one is left with that pleasant feeling of imagining words.